Help us support local artists and host an SDC event in your city

We offer creativity and improvisation workshops for dancers and musicians and, as an extra bonus, we'd love to help you create an SDC event in your city where workshop attendees and artists from your community can bring it all together.

We can supply the workshops, a host, a seasoned SDC dancer or two to get things started and the all-star SDC band. You supply a venue, dancers and some local musicians.

Our Goals

  • To promote ego-free sharing of ideas. Ideas give birth to more ideas. 
  • Create an environment where performers can take risks, 
  • Share our love of in-the-moment creativity with local dancers and musicians.
  • To shotgun a beer while competing in the Drink Relay improvisation game.
  • To blur the line between performers and the audience.
  • To, quite frankly, have a good time.


  • Learn to embrace the fear of the unknown, risk judgement and apply Soft Focus to your performance.  We discuss the DNA of improvisation and apply those principles (yes, and, embrace the ensemble, gratitude, follow the follower, etc) to storytelling through music and dance.
  • Good for dancers and musicians.


  • Strengthen your community. Dancers in NYC who have shared and SDC event with one another develop bonds unique to this event.
  • Develop improvisation skills. Nothing like forging new skills onstage. Too intimidating? No problem, we offer improvisation workshops that can lead up to the event.
  • Expand your community. All forms seek to express similar ideas but use different vocabularies. Meet dancers and musicians from other disciplines and find new ways to collaborate. 
  • Host a one-of-a-kind event. You'll be remembered. 

our Mission

Shuffle Dance Challenge’s mission is to provide artists with a safe and non-judgmental platform to express themselves freely and creatively, where they can connect with other artists of different backgrounds and genres. It pushes the limits of an artists’ comfort zone and encourages creativity outside the box. SDC also serves as a platform of entertainment in which the boundary between performer and audience is lowered to allow for a personal and relational experience for all who partake.



“This event just made my day, it was so amazing!!!!!!!!. All the dancers on the stage are naturally live and breathe in the music. They own the stage!!!!” – Kathy Yin
“I smiled so much, my cheeks hurt! Thanks for the good time! “ - Susan Frankovich
“Only less than 24 hrs ago a magical evening took place! For all you's that missed out, you really missed out! “ - Emmanuel Tomas
“Oh my gosh...I am still on a high from the glory of tonight!  It was such a joy to watch each performer share their dance styles, joy, and love for movement. I had so much fun dancing tonight, also! It was so refreshing to just take the music given and just go with whatever came out of our bodies “ - Tijae Davis
“I had a blast, I can't wait to do it again, it's an amazing group of dancers and it's so much fun” - Lernik Galstyan
“Always good times” - Chris Cuenza